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Riders cylce & board shop

Brand Management


Riders Cycle and Board is your quintessential neighbourhood bike shop, right down to the full service coffee bar that entices locals to linger and talk shop with owners Jeff Ubalde and Valentine Tomlinson.

Riders approached MIA to build a partnership that would inevitably lead to a beautiful brand to remember. We started with developing a website that would communicate well with their main clientle and serve as a lasting connection. We then moved on to design a corporate identity that Jeff & Val could hand out to future customers. Soon we were pumping out several marketing tools such as bike & board decals and tshirts to name a few.

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project image Rider's business card

Above you will find the Rider's business cards that MIA developed and below the bike & board sticker decals.

project image Rider's decals

Recent Projects

MIA has been keeping busy working on some new and exciting projects with think forward brands:

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